• 2018-05-25
    100 years since start of the breeding in Skansen Stockholm

    Today, the 25th May, is it 100 years since the first calve was born in Skansen Stockholm. This was the start of the rescue work of the European bison in Sweden. The animals from Skansen also played a

  • 2018-05-09
    First calve have been born

    The breeding season in Sweden have started. First this year was the breeding in Samstorps Gård, Gräddö.

  • 2018-04-02
    Why did the European Bison disappered from Scandinavia?

    New Research Project: Erika Rosengren, expert on the ice age fauna and working as an osteoligist at the historical Museum in Lund; has been awarded a research grant of SEK 450 000 of the Axel and Marg

  • 2017-12-23
    17 European bison from Sweden has arrived to Russia

    Yesterday arrived 17 European bison from Sweden to the quarantine in Oksky nature reserve, southwest of Moscow, in Russia. The animals come from four breeders in Sweden; Avesta breeding center, Borås

  • 2017-11-13
    FRODO has arrived to Eriksberg

    Eriksberg have got a new breeding bull - AVFRODO - who has arrived from Avesta breeding center. He is only four years old but already a big animal. He has genes from the valuable founder no 15, so it