• 2017-03-19
    Monitoring wild populations in Poland

    The wild populations of European bison in Poland are growing and are monitored very closely. Every winter they are counting the number of individuals in the five populations. Now the results are prese

  • 2017-03-11
    The reintroduction of European bison to San Valley has started

    In January 2017 started the work to release European Bison back to San Valley, in the south-eastern Biescscady in Poland again. Three years ago the little population get tuberculosis and must be elimi

  • 2017-03-05
    European Bison in Scandinavia 2016

    Already in February this year (2017), we were able to finish this year´s counting of Wisents in Scandinavia from Denmark, Finland and Sweden, thanks to very fast reporting from our breeders.

  • 2017-02-25
    The Mysterious origin of bison in Europe

    In an article in Nature.com/news written by Emma Marris, 18th October, we could read about the results of a scientist study using DNA and cave art to track the origin of the European Bison. They think

  • 2016-11-26
    Bison and dinosaurs

    The 14th annual scientific bison conference was held this year in the Dinosaur Park in Baltow, on 8 -9th September 2016, in Poland. The Conference attracted over 140 participants from 11 countries and